It is to submitted that, Bhadradri Kothagudem District has good potential for Fish production due to presence of Godavari river and its tributaries, Reservoirs like Taliperu Project, Peddavagu Project and Thummalacheruvu etc., 89 above 100 acres ayacut tanks, and 654 below100 acres ayacut tanks. Total 743 tanks leaseout by this department. Nearly 6,000 families are eking out their livelihood from fishing directly in the above resources. This sector is also supporting 7000 families approximately through ancillary activities. The current fish production is 7,500Tones, out of which 70% is consumed locally and remaining 30% is sent to other states like West Bengal, Maharashtra, Delhi, AndhraPradesh etc.

Activities taken under Fisheries Section as shown below

  • Lease of fishing rights in tanks vested with the Department (tanks with a Registered ayacut more than 100 acres are vested with fisheries dept and below 100 acres ayacut tanks also recently transferred to the fisheries dept and the tanks lease assessment fixation process also completed)
  • Issue of licenses  to the Fishermen who are living at the habitations close to the Godavari river.
  • Rearing and Sale of Fish seed was located at Fish Seed Farm Kinnerasani Project.
  • Implementation of welfare schemes like Group Accident Insurance Scheme.
  • Registration and management of Fishers’ cooperative societies and enrollment of members under T.S. Cooperative Societies Act, 1964.
  • PMMSY Scheme for construction of Fish ponds and various Components on 60% Subsidy to the ST, SC and Women category and 40% subsidy to the General category.
  1. Lease of Fishing rights in Departmental tanks:- During the year 2023-24  (fasli 1433) Out of (743) tanks ( 258 ) have been leased out by the department to the concerned Fishermen Cooperative Societies and local bodies. Where there is  no society/if they are not willing, those tanks will be leased out to the local body/lease out  by open auction, otherwise departmental fishing.
  2. Disposal of tanks as shown below:
Sl. No Total No.of  tanks               ( above 100 Acers ayacut) Assessed lease amount No. of tanks  Disposed Amount Collected Balance in (Rs.) Total No.of  tanks (below100 Acers ayacut) Assessed lease amount No. of tanks  Disposed Amount Collected Balance in (Rs.)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1 89 501120 42 2,72,460 2,28,660 674 9,81,792 216 3,14,278 6,67,514
  1. Issue of Licenses in Godavari River:-The licenses are issued annually to the traditional Fishermen and the amount depends on the type of net and boat used by them. The months from May to September are observed as closing period/fishing ban period as part of conservation measures.

During the year 2023-24  licenses were issued to the licenses holders  as on date as shown below.

Sl. No. Name of the River License Target Licenses issued Amount realized
1. Godavari River 700 387 Rs. 1,05,685/-

4. FISH SEED FARM:-The Fish Seed Farm Kinnerasani Project is functioning under the control of the Fisheries Department. During the year i.e., 2023-24 we have reared  20.00 Lakhs of M.C spawn lifted from the Govt. Fish Seed Farm, Karimnagar district.



Name of the Fish Seed Farm Total Extent No. of nurseries Size Area in cents
1. FSF, Kinnerasani Project 13.18 Acres Out of 22 Nurseries at present only 18RCC Nurseries are working 10x5x1 31.54

5.Implementation of Welfare Schemes:- Under the Group Accident Insurance Scheme, deceased member of Fishermen Coop Society in case of death while fishing in tank, or other accidental death all active fishers are covered and the total premium is paid by the Central and State Govt. In the event of accidental death or total permanent disability, the exgratia amount of Rs. 5.00 lakhs will be paid by the Insurance Company. The State Govt. gives Rs.4.00 lakhs as exgratia to the death cases in addition to the insured amount. The insurance sanction particulars are given below.

Sl. No.

No. of death claim

proposals submitted

since last (3) Years.

No. of death

claims Settled

1 6 claims 5

6.Registration and Management of Fishermen Cooperative Societies: The Fishermen and women Cooperative Societies are being registered under T.S. Cooperative Societies Act, 1964 and they are management is supervised by the Department.

Name of the District PFCS No of members TFCS No of members FLHMPCS No of members FWCS No of members Total no of society Total no of Members
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Bhadradri Kothagudem 13 1237 51 1530 1 312 4 136 69 3215

7.PRADHANAMANTRI MATSYA SAMPADA YOJANA (PMMSY):-There are various developmental components being implemented under the scheme for the betterment of Fishermen/Fishfarmers/Fishvenders viz., Construction of Fish seed hatcheries, new Fish Ponds, Fish Seed rearing Farms and Ice Plants, Fish Feed Mills, RAS units, Three wheeler Autos and insulated vehicles by giving  40% and 60% of subsidy respectively ST, SC, Woman and General Farmers. The Commissioner of Fisheries, TS, Hyderabad had sanctioned only Construction of Fish Ponds with input cost are the remaining shown here under.

Sl No. Name of the Component Applications received so far Action taken
1. Construction of Fish Pond with input cost. 20 The Commissioner of Fisheries have sanctioned (20) units for Construction of Fish Ponds. After completion of construction work the beneficiaries, proposals along with M.B has been submit to the H.O for release of amount to the beneficiary. As on date total (19) proposals has been submitted to the H.O for release of amount and the remaining proposals is under process.
         Fish seed stocking Details for the year 2023-24
S No Total No of Tanks (35-40 MM & 80-100 MM) Total Fish Seed (35-40 MM & 80-100 MM) 35-40 MM 80-100 MM
Total Tanks (35-40 MM) Total Fish Seed (35-40 MM) No of Tanks Seed Stocked (35-40 MM) Fish Seed Stocked (35-40 MM) Total Tanks (80-100 MM) Total Fish Seed (80-100 MM) No of Tanks Seed Stocked (80-100 MM)  Fish Seed Stocked (80-100 MM)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1 743 17745900 663 9161400 663 9161100 80 8584500 80 8584500

8. Stocking of Fish Seed and Prawn seed on 100% subsidy in tanks: During the year 2023-2024 this department had stocking Fish seed & Prawn seed on 100% subsidy the       detailed particulars are shown here under.

Prawn seed stocking details for the year 2023-24
S No Name of the District Total No of Tanks Total Prawn Seed No of Tanks Prawn seed Stocked Total Prawn Seed Stocked
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Bhadradri Kothagudem 15 2379560 15 2379560

Staff & Contact Details:

2 Sri.N.koteshwara Rao FISHERIES FIELD OFFICER  KOTHAGUDEM 9381452465  


District Fisheries Officer,

Bhadradri-kothagudem (District).