Collector sir , taking Video conference with all the District Officers, MPDOs, MPOs, APOs, ECs, Municipal Commissioners, Chairpersons, Special Officers on the following Agenda:

1. Readdressal of grievances of DYC and Prajavani.
2. Action taken on the issues/problems raised by hon’ble MLAs, MLCs, MPs, CP ZP, Ministers and CMO.
3. Action taken on the problems referred by Collector including field visits & social media issues.
4. Press/Media adverse news n action taken.
5. VED – Action taken
6. SCA, CSR, MDF, SDF funds – Status
7. Procurement – Status
8. Haritha Haram – Targets of Plantations, geo-tagging, Avenue Plantations.
9. Flagship schemes Progress
10. COVID n seasonal diseases – Status n control.

And Municipalities Review on the desired Agenda.