Industrial Profile




            Telangana Government has introduced TSiPASS Act 2014 – Single point approvals to the Industrial proposals – to provide speedy processing for issue of various licences, clearances and certificates required for setting up of Industrial undertakings based on the self-certification for the promotion of industrial development and also to provide for an investor friendly environment in the state of Telangana.

  • Single point TS iPASS approval by State and District Committees on behalf of all the departments.
  • District Level Committee provides approvals under the Chairmanship of the District Collector.

Salient features of TSiPASS System:

  • For the first time, it provides applicants the right to timely clearances.
  • Acceptance of self-certification (on Rs.100/- stamp paper)
  • Time limits for clearances (Max. 30 days)
  • Provision of penalty if the department delay clearances.
  • Common application form is prescribed for all departments’ approvals/ clearances/ licences for ease of doing business under TSiPASS system.
  • Making mandatory for the Competent Authorities to seek shortfall/ additional information required, if any, only once, within three days from receipt of the application.

Progress under TSiPASS System after formation of New District:

No.of applications (units) 51
No. of approvals given 85
Total Investment (in Crores) 8565.36
Total Employment (proposed) 3619


Government of Telangana offering various incentives to the entrepreneurs under T-IDEA for General Category Entrepreneurs (Telangana State Industrial Development and Entrepreneur Advancement) & T-PRIDE for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Entrepreneurs (Telangana State Programme for Rapid Incubation of Dalit Entrepreneurs) Incentives Scheme 2014 .

Under New Industrial Policy Framework, the Government is providing benefits to the categories of Micro, Small, Medium & Large enterprises. The industrial units can avails various incentives like Investment subsidy, Power cost reimbursement, Pavala vaddi, Seed capital assistance, Sales Tax reimbursement etc for a period of 5 years from the date of commencement of production of the industrial unit and also many other tailor made incentives for Mega units.

Total No. of units sanctioned (n No.) 112
Total amount sanctioned (in lakhs) 449
Employment provided by above units (in No.) 828


            PMEGP (Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme), which was started in 2008 for encouraging the employment in rural areas. Under this program, Manufacturing and Service units can be established. 15% to 35% of Margin Money will be provided to the units established under this program. The scheme is implemented by Khadi & Village Indsutries Commission, Khadi Board and DICs in the district. Any individual above 18 years of age, atleast 8th standard pass for projects more than 5 lakhs (Service sector) and 10 lakhs (manufacturing sector). The applicant need to submit the applications form in the online process through the website by uploading their cast, PAN Card, AAdhar Card, Population certificate and project report of the proposed unit along with passport photo of the applicant. Applications can be submitted throughout the year.

During the year 2016-17 & 2017-18, 64 units with an investment of 452 lakhs have been selected and recommended to the financial institutions for grounding of units. The margin money involved for these units is Rs.119 lakhs.


  • The industries, which have applied for various approvals for establishing their industries, have started commercial production and some of them are in advanced stage.
  • ITC-PSPD, Bhadrachalam power generation unit and pulp bleaching unit with an investment of 721 crores is in advanced stage and will start commercial production in December, 2017. ITC is benefitting 1000s of formers in the district by procuring Eucalyptus and subabul plantation raised by the formers and it is providing employment directly and indirectly for many persons based on ITCs number of economic activities like ancillary units, transport and logistics, petol pumps, plantation, nurseries etc.
  • TS GENCO 8th stage in KTPS with 800MW Power generation Capacity and investment about 6000 crores is also in erection stage. It is providing many opportunities for ancillary and allied units.
  • Oil Palm processing unit which was proposed at Musthibanda (V), Dammapeta (M) with an Investment of 78.35 crores for processing of 600Tonnes of Palm Oil fresh fruit bunches per day to provide employment to 80 members is in advanced stage. This unit is providing benefit to the formers who raised palm oil trees in 25000 acres in the district.
  • Bhadradri Thermal Power Station is proposed at Ramanujavaram(V), Manuguru (M) with an investment of Rs.7290.60 crores for 4X270 MW Power Generation is in erection stage.
  • Most of the Small and Micro units are already gone into production and remaining are in advanced stage.


  • During the last year, 2 Entrepreneur Development Programmes were conducted in 2 places in the district.
  • Special EDPs will be conducted to Technical Students, skilled workers for encouraging the upcoming entrepreneurs.
  • All departments’ data will be converged to make proper planning for projecting targets of the department by mapping the local resources.